The Annapolis Institute is a private, nonpartisan think tank. The Institute, established in 1993, has two purposes: To help leadership at all levels to anticipate the forces shaping the lives of people, communities and institutions in the 21st century -- including technology, demography, politics, the economy and culture; and to advance principled leadership in the management of business enterprises, government agencies and non-profit organizations.


To help leaders anticipate change and set directions in the context of principled decision-making.


To connect leaders with evidence and insights that are timely, actionable and thematic; and to help leaders set directions and make things work by establishing a culture of principled leadership.



It’s better to wear out than rust out.”  That is the message of Reboot!  While American culture glamorizes the “Golden Years” of endless leisure and amusement, Phil Burgess rejects retirement, as he makes the case for returning to work in the post-career years, a time he calls later life.

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